The Story of Peeter and Annie Kruus


Narrow Escape
When Peeter Kruus was a little boy in Tallin, Estonia, he had a daring adventure.

It was 1944 and the Soviet invasion was imminent. His mother prepared carefully, loaded the children into a boat and escaped to Sweden.

Peeter never forgot the importance of planning his adventures.

In 1949, the family immigrated to Toronto, Canada. Peeter was a good scholar and received a scholarship to attend the H.C. Orsted Institute in Copenhagen.


The Story of Annette Margrethe Tarasoff (nee: Adelborg)


It seems like a fairy tale: Once upon a time, my grandfather was a gardener at the King's summer palace in Aarhus, Denmark. Mum, Dad, my brothers and I lived with him in a fine house named "Viola".

But in reality, life after World War II wasn't easy. Good jobs were scarce. Wages were low.

I remember Mum's delight when we finally got new furniture. Days later, Dad proposed emigrating to Canada, Land of Opportunity. Mum's lovely new furniture? Sold to raise Dad's plane fare.


The Story of Karen and Kresten Sommer


In 1957, Mom and Dad (Karen and Kresten Sommer) led our family on an excellent adventure.

Dreaming of a better life, they sold their farm near Mariager, Denmark, made careful plans and preparations, and immigrated to Canada. They would work on farms until a better opportunity came along.

Adventure in Canada
After an exciting ship voyage, we landed in Halifax. Then we boarded the train and headed to Alberta.


The Story of Claus and Hertha Jacobsen (née Nielsen)


Claus Jacobsen was born in 1928 in Mianghoi, Denmark. He married Hertha Cathrine Nielsen in 1950, moved to Haderslev, and became a furniture finisher. But soon migrant workers from Hungary streamed into Denmark, destabilizing the job market.

Hearing that jobs in Canada were more secure, Claus and Hertha decided to emigrate. Hertha's cousin in Edmonton sponsored them.

No Free Lunch
In 1957, Claus and Hertha left Denmark with three small children and another on the way. The Ansgar Danish Lutheran Church's Immigrant Nights helped them settle in.


The Story of Solvejg and Børge Nielsen


Both Solvejg and her future husband, Børge Nielsen, were born on farms in 1932. Solvejg lived on the island of Funen (Fyn), Denmark and Børge lived in Djursland.

After high school, Solvejg worked as an "au pair" in London, attended the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki, then trained as a nurse in Denmark.

Børge worked as a farm manager, then attended Uldum Folk High School, completed his military service, and immigrated to Canada.


The story of Rita and Orla Andersen


It was a birthday party, but I felt like crying. My sister said I was too little to play with her and her friends (she was five). Then a boy named Orla came along and made me laugh.  

I decided to marry him. A few years later, I did.

Orla and I grew up in the country near Kalundborg, Denmark. Orla studied agriculture and I became a nurse. In 1951 we got married and headed to Canada for "a couple of years."


The Story of Erik and Birgith Hedegaard



Christian Erik Hedegaard was born in Vang, Denmark in 1926.

His curiosity about how things work made him study engineering. After qualifying, he worked for a company in Thisted. Biralked into his office one day, and the rest is history!


The story of Pastor Samuel King-Kabu

The Lord works in mysterious ways. Who would predict that a Presbyterian boy from Somanya, Ghana would become the well-loved minister of the Danish congregation at St. Ansgar's Lutheran Church, Montreal?  

A Mother's Prayers
Samuel King-Kabu was brought up in an atmosphere of faith, laughter and safety.



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